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I've got the download broken into two parts; the framework for the program, and the program itself. By doing this, once you download the framework, all future downloads will be very small.

1. If you are running Windows, download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6. This is a large download, but you will only need to download this once. This is the framework that allows you to run EasyBeadPatterns on your computer.

If you are running Mac OS X, make sure you have the most recent Java Runtime using the automatic installer.

2. Once you have completed step 1 you are ready to install the EasyBeadPatterns. This is a very small file which will fit on a floppy disk. Download and install. If you are installing for Windows, a shortcut will be created on your desktop. If your are installing for Mac OS X mount/open easybeadpatterns.dmg and copy easybeadpatterns.app to your Applications directory.

Download Setup for Windows
Version 0.5.1
Download .dmg file for Mac OS X
Version 0.5.1

User Guide

If you enjoy using the program, please feel free to make a small donation.

Latest Version Details:

2010/03/07: VERSION 0.5.1
* Added Windows executable
* Moved application menu bar to OS X menu bar
* Fixed splash screen under OS X
* Renamed "Pattern Palette" to "Shopping List"

2010/03/01: VERSION 0.5.0 (OS X Only)
* Test Build of new layout and functionality.

2007/04/01: VERSION 0.2.0
* Added French language selection.
* Added automatic update notification when new downloads are available.
* Added ability to add and remove columns or rows.
* Added ability to shift beads left or right, up or down within a pattern.
* Added ability to flip pattern horizontally or vertically.
* Added ability to rotate pattern.
2007/02/26: VERSION
* Updated Rosette patterns to have 8-point symmetry and a center bead.
* Added poorly translated Spanish. Language is selectable from Tools -> Options -> Language
2007/02/25: VERSION 0.1.9
* Added PDF Word Charts.

Copyright © 2002-2010 Michael Hemphill